Newspaper v8.1 Cracking Method No Null Free Download

Newspaper 8 , 8.1

So as Previously I shared a Crack of Newspaper 8 but the way I cracked that is No more working on its New version 8.1. So I again Successfully Get the New Method of Cracking. All you need to Just Follow some easy Steps.

Some New Features in 8.1

  • new: We update Visual Composer to the latest version. If you are still using this page builder, please update it.
  • new: Added custom style and support for WordPress 4.8 widgets
  • misc: The theme now loads the BBpress style only when the plugin is active
  • misc: List menu block now works with submenues
  • misc: instagram ID’s now work with or without @
  • fix: Photography demo style fixes
  • fix: Post gallery shadow on image popup
  • fix: Art Creek demo transitions on module thumbs
  • fix: Art Creek demo installer issues
  • fix: tagDiv gallery styling issues and thumbnails display
  • fix: Lifestyle demo import issues
  • fix: Fitness Blog import links
  • fix: Column Text Block title
  • fix: margin and padding on tagDiv Composer with a value of 0
  • fix: Imagebox Block bugs
  • fix: Gadgets and Sound Radar demos popup bug
  • fix: Tech demo preview image
  • fix: ImageBox Block works now with images that don’t have a destination URL
  • fix: Adspots load wrong spotID in tagDiv Composer
  • fix: Various typos in our theme panel
  • fix: Small issue with the full width headers with logos
  • fix: Big Grid Slider Block parameters
  • fix: wedding demo fonts issue
  • fix: Business demo better text aligment
  • fix: Various CSS and HTML structure fixes on different parts of the theme. We fainly tuned all the demos to look and feel perfect.

So Here we Go for Cracking it

You can Download Newspaper 8.1 from Google Drive Here  (NOT HOSTED OR PROVIDED by US)

Open Your FTP/cPanel – File Manager

Go in /wp-content/themes/Newspaper/includes/wp_booster

Edit this File td_ajax.php

Find the Function   td_validate_data

Replace these Lines

private static function td_validate_data($id, $ec, $ad) {
if (md5($id . $ec) == $ad) {
return true;
} else {
return false;

with these

private static function td_validate_data($id, $ec, $ad) {
if (md5($id . $ec) == $ad) {
return true;
} else {
return true;


(Or Just change False to true)

Now ,
Go in   WP Dashboard > Newspaper > Activate theme.
Click on Activate the theme manually  Located in Footer

newspaper activate free

Then you will see an option to enter Envato purchase code and TagDiv activation key

So enter these Key

Envato purchase code:
TagDiv activation key:

Now Click the Activate Button.

And You are Successfully Done



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