How to secure WordPress Website from DDOs – Malware and Hacker’s For Free

Secure wordpress for better security

When we create our Own Blog or Website the most important thing comes in our mind is Security.
Is My Blog is Secure?, Can My Blog Hacks?, Is my Website is Malware Free? and lot’s of question runs in Our Mind.

So I will tell you How to Secure it as Much as Possible with doing a little efforts. I am Starting Now…

# Using Strong Password

Using Strong Password is Major thing while securing website. I recommend you to use a Password with Both Upper and Lower Case Letter , include some Number and symbol also. Don’t Use Your Sitename , Your Name, Username as Password.

You can Use these two tools for Secure password

Tip : Don’t use Site Name , admin, Your name as Username also for better Protection

# Updating your Theme and Plugin

Always Update your theme , Plugin and WordPress core for better security. Because everytime a New version come, It comes with Bug fixes and Patches and Repair previous unsecure content. Also Never use Nulled themes and Plugin’s Because it Contains Malicious Files. Which can only be found by Pro’s . Malicious files can give access to Hacker, Create Unknown Backlinks and More.

# Change Login URL (Wp-admin)

Changing URL from Default to Some other can Also prevent your website hacking. Because if user don’t know the login link then How he can able to run Bot. You can do this by using “WPS Hide Login Plugin”. You can see full guide for Using it on Shoutmeloud

# Using Free CDN

Yes using Free Cloudflare CDN can also help you in protecting you with DDOS attacks. Cloudflare will provide basic offsite Firewall. Also hides your server IP. Provide you free SSL, Save your bandwidth. You can hire someone on fiverr for doing this. My Favorite person is Sengars12 . He provide me best service in Just few Dollors, He is very quick also.

# Use Sucuri for secure wordpress

Sucuri is Premium and Free Service. Using Sucuri free version will check your theme and Plugin files for Malware. But Free version only use basic security. Using Sucuri Premium will protect you from DDos, Malware, Hacking, Cleaning Files. In Premium they Check Your site manually in case of Hacking and Attack. So Sucuri is all in One solution for WordPress Security.



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