How WordPress Can Keep You Out of Trouble


As a WordPress is one of the Famous CMS in the Market because it is Free and Open Source. You have full access to do anything in that. First thing is that I am not going to Write a Lot on this Topic. You will get Quick Points on it. So below I will tell you How it is Different from other CMS and Keep you out of trouble.

#Use on Any Hosting

As we all Know there are lot’s of CMS available in Market. Few of the Famous CMS are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Blogspot. But You can see many problems on your Server while installing these on Your Server. As per my Experience I Saw Lot’s of error’s while installing Magento on my Server. And then get error on Drupal while Installing theme. Because theme is Not compatible with it’s Version. But WordPress is Good in this it Don’t Requires Lot’s of Application on Server for Running. It want’s php, MySQL Database and that’s it. And you cannot use Blogspot on your own Server.

#Theme Market

Again WordPress has the Vast market for Template b0th Free and Paid. You can Create any type of website from it. Like, a Blog, eCommerce Website, News Magzine, Dating Website, Company Profile, Your Personal Portfolio, Photo Album, Photo Showcase, Hotel Website and More. But at one Point I don’t find it Good is at Matrimonial Website No theme and Plugin Available for it. But it is still Good because other CMS Don’t give you Huge theme. They have only Selected but Quality Light Theme.

#Plugin Market

WordPress Have Both Open Source Free and Paid Plugin Market. You can Choose a Best Plugin From it Directory which have over 1Million Plugin. Most of them are free (That’s Sound’s Good). They have plugin for almost everything. But On other hand other CMS have very small Market for Plugin and Extension.


In WordPress you have Full option to customize it according to You. Ok I accept this option is available on almost every CMS. But on WordPress it is Quiet easy to Customize you don’t need to know a huge Coding. On other hand if you want any customize in Design on Drupal and Magento you need to Go in Core Coding for it.

#SEO an Important thing

WordPress is Pre optimized for Basic SEO. But if you want Something More you can Go to our Guide and Use SEO Plugins like Yoast and All in One SEO. Other CMS are also Basic SEO optimized for Advanced SEO you again need to Go in Core Coding for it. Which may Result in Some types of Error. As I faced in Drupal while enabling Rich Snippets.